Welcome to Korea Mining Association

Korea Mining Association has been dedicated to developing mining business with all mining business men. Having a long history and a rich tradition of one country, Korea Mining Association welcomes all business cooperation and business men.
Through underground resource development, our mineral has provided minerals that are necessities for national basic industries needs

and has contributed to Korea's economy. Representing the Korean mining, our association is corporation that strengthens relations between mining companies, and leads the improvement of systems for welfare promotion and mining development.
As we did before, Korea mining association will not only contribute to national industrial complex, but have self-conceit of being part of a pillar of industry in Korea by becoming a team as international business partners and resolving the problems we are facing right now.
Korea Mining Association expects the encouragement from every other mining company for the vitalization and development of Korea mining industry.

Thank you for you support
Kim Young Bum, CEO of Korea Mining Association

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